Shop ’til you drop

Our friend Susan was heading back to Taiwan today and we’re leaving tomorrow for Shanghai so this would be our last day to shop. We left around 10:30AM and headed to Dongdaemun first shop at their malls. The malls are different here in that it houses many small stalls that each carry very similar but also very different clothing.

The shop keepers kind of speak English or Japanese or Chinese. If only we could speak Korean, it would’ve made shopping much easier. We didn’t buy much since it was hard to bargain. We also headed to the MyengDong area before Susan had to leave.

Ron and I had lunch at a bibimbap place.

Ron and I continued shopping at Namdaemum then back to Dongdaemun. We had street food for dinner or corn dogs (with fries on the outside) and chicken on a stick.

We headed back early because it started to rain. Back at the hostel, we watched the Korean movie, White Valentine, while packing up since we have to catch an early shuttle to the airport.

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