Big appetite

Day 300 = December 27, 2010

Even with a terrible cough, Simon had a pretty good big appetite today. For breakfast he had a quarter of Parmesan cheese bagel, 1 oz fruit compote (pear, apple, and prunes), some freeze dried bananas and strawberries, and a large handful of blueberries.

Simon has been squinting whenever I focus on the camera on him. I wonder if he thinks he is being cute?

These are the only pictures I have of him today was we spent the late morning and afternoon out and about. We went to visit Grandpa Tam in Oakland and had lunch with him. At lunch, he had a few small pieces of Korean bulgogi, some sliced carrots and zucchini, puffs, blueberries, rice, and some more fruit compote. He didn’t eat as much since he was distracted in the restaurant but did pretty good. We then went for a bit of shopping so around 3pm he got really hungry again and had a snack of blueberries and puffs. I let Simon play with his container of puffs and somehow he lost it. At least he finished them all before it was lost. But he has been sleeping since about 6pm and hasn’t had a proper dinner. This means we’re likely going to wake up in the early morning to a hungry crying baby. I don’t have the heart to wake him up right now since he didn’t nap all that much today and he had a rough night of sleep again. He woke up throughout the night and finally woke up for the day around 7am and then only had a nap from 10-10:30am and 12-1pm for the whole day. Then he got dragged around by mommy all day so no wonder he’s tired. He actually woke himself up around 7pm but when I tried to feed him dinner, he just kept on fussing and crying and rubbing his eyes. He was obviously still tired so I ended up holding him and bouncing him to sleep. He’s been asleep since. Poor guy is still sick so I wanted to comfort him but I hope it doesn’t lead to bad habits.

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