Day 301 = December 28, 2010

Simon has pretty chubby (and muscular?) legs. His weight is mostly in his lower body, in his belly and legs.

Simon is loving his blueberries again. Daddy Ron gave him a whole bowl full in hopes that he would eat all of it… instead, he decided to play with them and scoop them out of the bowl onto the tray and on the floor. Here he is all innocent looking before he starts to play with them.

As I mentioned yesterday, Simon has been squinting when we focus the camera at him and also has been mimicking us when we squint at him. He looks like he’s having so much fun.

Ron made a little video of Simon in action.

We still haven’t been able to get a good picture of Simon’s new teeth. He keeps on moving around and complaining when we try to open his mouth to look inside. Along with his continued runny nose and cough, he is still drooling quite a lot. His old cloth bibs are now only useful for meals. We need to get some more of the bigger bibs with the waterproof lining so he doesn’t soak through them as fast.

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