Biggie Pooh Attacks

Day 203

Simon has taken to chewing on the tail of this lion toy. This toy is great because it has so many things for him to chew on, like the plastic star and flower on the arms.

Biggie Pooh might have been annoyed at Simon and decided to go on the attack.

But Simon was able to escape after some wriggling and creeping.

Likely Simon was trying to crawl up Pooh’s chest and pulled him down on top of himself. At least we know Simon can get himself out if necessary.

Last week Simon had a photo session at a studio called Whippersnappers. I had purchased a Groupon a few months ago and decided to use it when Simon turned 6 months old. Today we had our viewing of the best shots. Our package included the 45 minute photo session, a photo CD with 35-40 shots (for home printing up to 8×10), two 8×10 prints, and two 5×7 prints. We are deciding if we should get a framed family portrait… but if you would like to view the photos, click here and the password is “click34” (without the parenthesis). They will be up for 2 weeks.

Clicking the above photo will also bring you to the online gallery.

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