Blowing Bubbles

Day 101

Simon with a crossed eye, slightly PO’d look.  He had just woken up from a nap and wasn’t quite awake yet so didn’t really know what was going on.


Simon is going through bibs quickly with his increasing drool.  He ends up soaking through the bib and then through his shirt.  It might be causing the rash he has on this chest so tomorrow we have to make sure to put him in a bib that has a plastic backing so that it won’t soak through his shirt.  He loves blowing bubbles! and talking all the while.


We went out all afternoon since it was a beautiful day in San Francisco.  I was carrying him in the Baby Bjorn and took a rest at Starbucks and after a few minutes, he started to cry.  As soon as I went outside into the sun, he would stop and start smiling again.  I tested it a few times and he would cry inside Starbucks and immediately stop when outside.  I wonder if it’s the coffee smells, the noises, or the temperature (the AC was on so cooler inside)?

Sleeping update: 8 hours and 45 minutes!  Woke up at 6am, drank 130 ml (~4 oz) milk and went back to sleep for another 2 hours and 20 minutes!

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