Muscle Simon at Moonstar Buffet

Day 102

We’ll check out Simon’s muscles later…

We had a Red Egg & Ginger party at Moonstar Buffet in Daly City for my parents’ family and friends.  Our allotted time was from 10am to 1pm but our guests did not start arriving until about 11am.  Simon had to take a little nap beforehand since he’s not really a morning person, he’s more awake in the late afternoon so doesn’t like to take long naps after 1pm.  He seems like the opposite of what the books say, where kids take a 1 hour nap in the morning and a 2 hour nap in the afternoon.  Instead he’ll take many long naps (sometimes three 1-2 hour naps) before 1pm and only take about two 30-45 minute naps after 1pm before bedtime at 8:30pm.


It was sort of good that people arrived late so that Ron and I could grab some food first.  The buffet was open already (see behind Simon).  Unfortunately there was a lot of activity around Simon so he was quite cranky that he could not fall into a deep sleep.  He kept on waking up and falling back asleep and waking up, etc.  He eventually really did konk out from exhaustion after crying when I went to change his diaper.  He was literally screaming in the bathroom as I was changing his diaper, I think likely from the fan they had running inside which was really loud and probably annoyed the heck out of him.

Here is Simon with my parents.


Overall, the experience at Moonstar was good.  They check-in your guests at the front and give them colored wrist bands to match your party.  The wrist bands give them a head count and make sure they are allowed guests.  The staff reserves tables by placing a colored balloon (in our case, blue) on the chairs and also provide a reception table to greet your guests.  They also provide red eggs and ginger for you.  The buffet is reasonably priced and discounted for parties.  There are different prices depending on the time slot and if it is for lunch or dinner.  They also provide hosts to help you with your party.  The two ladies that helped us took photos for us with their camera, made a photo CD, and helped to remind our guests that our time slot was almost up (they mentioned they were going to do this but I didn’t see them doing it and we were a bit rushed to leave in the end).  I think everyone definitely got enough to eat and it’s always nice to catch up with relatives that we haven’t seen for a long time… probably since our wedding!

After the party, we headed over to visit the grave of my dad’s parents in Colma.  We visit every year either around Easter or this time since my grandmother passed away after Mother’s Day and my grandfather passed away after Father’s Day.  They both passed away before my brother and I were born but we always visit with our parents to pay our respects.

Simon was pooped out after having so much attention today that he took a long nap when we got home.  First he didn’t get much sleep at the restaurant and second he was inundated with so many new faces.

But let’s check out his muscular arms!  I got him this new outfit a few weeks ago because of the tiger and I thought it’d be great for summer.


At the restaurant he had to wear a jacket and pants since it was cold inside but once we got back into San Francisco, it was nice and warm in our apartment so we stripped off the outerwear.  Check out those chubby little legs!  His feet are already growing too big for those Trumpette socks but I think they’re so cute so he’ll keep on wearing them until he grows completely out of them.

Closer look at his arms:


Don’t you just want to pinch them?!!

We didn’t take many pictures on our own camera so I hope people will send us theirs.  But then I do have the photo CD from the restaurant so I’ll have to check them out to see if they are any good ones to post.

Sleeping update: 8 hours! Fed then slept another 2 hours!  Yay!  Consistent sleep is good.

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