Bouncy Bouncer

Day 93

We bought Simon the Fisher Price Hoppy Days Bouncer since we thought he might need some more stimulation.  We interact with him as much as we can but sometimes we run out of ideas.  With the bouncer, he is able to bounce himself by wiggling, he isn’t lying flat on his back, and he has some toys to bat at and can grab to play music.  The bouncer fabric is very comfortable, soft and a bit slippery so he does kind of need to be belted in so that he won’t slip out.  The toys could be improved though, the soft toys are just that, soft toys, no rattles or anything.  The froggy toy in the middle has a ring to pull so that it will play music so that is kind of cool except that it is also kind of loud.  Simon was afraid of the bouncer at first and didn’t really like the toys so close to him.  Although now he is getting to used to it and seems to enjoy batting at the soft toys when we added his wrist rattles around them so that they will rattle when he bats them.  I think he also likes being able to look at us at an incline.


Ron is trying to get Simon to work out his arms more so he found having Simon lie on top of his leg and holding onto his forearms, makes Simon push up with his arms.  Simon is content in this picture because he is watching TV and I think he is in the middle of yawning.  This is sort of modified tummy time with emphasis on his arms.


So an amazing thing happened last night, Simon slept almost 7.5 hours continuously.  He must have been extremely exhausted if he was able to sleep so long.  We put him to bed around 10pm and he fell asleep at 10:20pm and slept until 5:40am!  Even I didn’t get that much continuous sleep last night as I have been getting up at least every 4-5 hours to pump.  I’m sure this is a one time occurrence but at least we know sleeping this long of a duration IS possible… one day.

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