Bridal Shower

Day 103

I spent this afternoon away from Simon for my friend Kathleen’s bridal shower.  The host has a lovely home in the Los Altos Hills and they provided a delicious catered lunch and we enjoyed good conversation.  The most entertaining part of the afternoon was when the hostess’ and their friends created a “wedding dress” for Kathleen using the wrapping and tissue paper from her presents.  Two of us also helped to create a “bouquet” using a paper plate and the ribbons from her presents.  I guess I probably haven’t been to too many bridal showers as only recently have I heard of creating a bouquet from the ribbons and this was the first time I’ve seen a dress made from wrapping paper.  The aunties were very creative with the paper and made a pretty good looking dress and veil.  But I only have an ordinary clothing photo to show from the end of the party.  It was a beautiful warm day.


I got a chance to look at the photo CD I received from the restaurant yesterday and have one photo to share of our little family.


I forgot to share this photo yesterday so thought I’d cheat and do it today.  Simon and I still went for our walk in the evening and it never fails that he will fall asleep when we go into Old Navy.  I didn’t realize he fell asleep again until I caught a glimpse of him in the mirror.


I was wondering why people were smiling as they passed us… he looks totally konked out.

Since Simon’s been sleeping so well, I thought it’d be appropriate to share a picture of him after he fell asleep tonight.  Using Winnie the Pooh to keep him from using his right arm to pull out his pacifier no longer works as well so now we’ve resorted to wrapping his right arm in but keeping his left arm out.  He usually still likes to have one arm out because he’ll struggle if we wrap both arms.  He’s still able to get his arm out but it takes some effort so he is usually too tired to care for the moment.


He slept almost a continuous 9 hours last night but he did cry out twice during the first two hours but still seemed asleep.  He must of have had a really bad dream but was too tired to wake up.  Poor little man was probably completely exhausted after not napping well all day.

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