Broaster Chicken and Transformers

After a half day of work, Ron and I went out to Daly City to see if we could catch a movie. First we stopped by Broaster Chicken in Westlake since this used to be a favorite place of mine when I was little. My parents used to really love their chicken, better that KFC. It was a little strange to see they also served things like sashimi and udon, I don’t think they used to serve those items when I was a little kid.

Anyhow, we ordered the 3 pc chicken with two sides and a roll. I chose the fries and cole slaw. The fries are crinkle cut fries and the cole slaw a bit watery. The chicken was still nice and moist as I remembered it and the skin nice and crispy. It was still a bit oily, which is something I didn’t remember from childhood. It was a nostalgic lunch. Not sure if we’ll be back.

Afterwards, we went to catch Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. I had heard that the movie was supposed to be bad because the plot was terrible and the transformers looked fake. So I wasn’t expecting much but I wanted to see it for myself. The movie was really long but I still enjoyed it. If only they really existed, that’d be so cool…

Broaster Chicken
341 S Mayfair Avenue (Westlake Shopping Center)
Daly City, CA

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