Wedding @ Villa Montalvo & Misu Mischief

This evening we attended the wedding of Galinna & Ben at Villa Montalvo. A few years ago we attended a wedding here as well and remember it as being very beautiful and elegant. We weren’t expecting the heat though as the previous wedding we went to was in October, quite a bit cooler. Unfortunately, my compact camera all of a sudden didn’t work (something about the “Camera Stabilizer is not available”) so I wasn’t able to take any real photos of the wedding itself. If you know me and cameras, then you know I was really disappointed.

But the wedding was beautiful even in the heat. They were smart to provide some iced water, tea, and lemonade prior to the ceremony so that we wouldn’t all faint and they had large umbrellas around the seats so at least there was some shade. There was a cute reception in the courtyard with trays of hor d’oeuvres and more refreshments. They were really organized with the photo taking as well since they handed out cards to the guests with a listing of the different group photos they were planning on taking, ie, bride’s family, groom’s family, bride’s coworkers, groom’s coworkers, college friends, etc. When it was time for the next group, they’d call out the group number and name so that everyone could head to take their photo with the bride and groom.

I was able to take some photos of the meal with my phone. Their salad was really delicious with the (large) piece of goat cheese and pears.

Ron and I both had the beef option, tri tip with rosemary mashed potatoes and some vegetables. The fresh rosemary sprig for the mashed potatoes made it taste extra yummy.

We sat with some very nice people and had an enjoyable time, especially when it finally started to cool down during the evening. Two deer families even ventured out onto the lawn behind us to graze on the grass. I’m sure that must be good luck!

We were able to take the centerpieces home so I took one of the roses. There were also peonies and chrysanthemums. They smell really sweet and actually I was surprised they were fragrant, most roses these days don’t have seem to have a strong fragrance.

As our card says to them “Wishing You a Lifetime of Happiness”, they are a beautiful couple and are sure to have a wonderful life together.

Now onto Misu Mischief… right before leaving for the wedding, we were trying to feed him and also get ourselves all dolled up for the wedding. Ron prepared his syringe of food and went to give Misu some then left the syringe attached to his feeding tube. Misu, being who he is, doesn’t like to be in the room alone when he knows we’re around so jumped up from where he was sitting and started walking around looking for us. Apparently he got spooked by the syringe being dragged behind him so started running. As he ran, the syringe got stuck around a table leg, and he kept moving forward… so you can guess what happens next…

The entire nasogastric tube is pulled out and Misu crawls underneath a chair to lick his wounds. The part of the tube outside was sutured to his face so basically he ripped it off and inside his nose and throat probably hurt from the NG tube coming out so fast. He didn’t seem to be bleeding or anything and was licking and cleaning himself so we figured he’d be okay for a few hours while we went to the wedding.

Upon coming home, he was very happy to see us and we offered him some of his dry cat food. Of great delight to us, he started eating!!

Then he even went to drink water by himself. So I hope this is a good sign that he’s got his appetite back. It just must have been really uncomfortable with the tube down his throat to swallow and with the tube sticking out his nose so that it was causing a painful pressure every time it was touched or pressed.

He’s looking better every day, seems to be putting on more weight and the inside of his ears are no longer yellow. He’s starting to look like his old self.

I will keep updating on his progress.

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