Brushing Teeth

Friday, January 17, 2014

Iris is very curious in the morning when I brush my teeth so today I had her brush with me.

Getting an early start to good hygiene is a good thing, right? We got this great toothbrush from our favorite dentist, Dr. Tiffany! It has a brush on one end and a nubby thing on the other for Iris to chew on.

Simon’s lunches get simpler as the week wears on. Today just cucumbers, strawberries, and mini corn dogs. When I had lunch at school one day with the kids, I think the teacher indirectly hinted that I might pack too much food for Simon because he has a *large* lunch box. Generally he finishes his lunch but I’ve been packing a bit less and seeing if he still complains of hunger in the evenings when I pick him up. He always requests a snack on the car ride home so I think that is habit so it has still been a little hard to tell if he is really hungry or just wants his snack. He’s lost a lot of his baby fat and I just don’t want him to get too skinny.

After a long week, we decided to go out for dinner at DAIMO Chinese restaurant. I tried to use a plastic table topper so that Iris could eat herself but the adhesive did not really work that well to stick onto these particular tables. She was more interested in pulling off the table topper than she was in eating her dinner. Fail for the table topper tonight.

Simon enjoyed some yummy noodles from the wonton soup. This place makes delicious wonton noodle soup. He ate the noodles over drinking his strawberry smoothie. He complained the smoothie was too sweet. I’m glad he prefers the natural sweetness of fresh fruits over artificial flavoring.

Check out Simon’s zebra pants! These were supposed to go with the zebra shirt he wore the other day but Ron didn’t see them when he was helping Simon get dressed at that time.

We are all looking forward to a three day weekend!

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