Finding New Homes For Mochi and Misu

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Our little turtle boy.

Ron gave Simon his old iPhone to play with so Simon was playing while sitting next to Iris. He was playing the talking Tom cat app and Iris was laughing along with Simon.

With Iris being more mobile now, Ron removed the bassinet portion of her pack and play. Iris didn’t know what to make of it and squished her face on the side.

“Ahh! Let me out!”

I got these outfits for the kids before Iris was born. Simon loves zebras so I found this print very cute and wanted the get one for Iris to match him. I asked Simon to pose with Iris for a picture and this is how he decided to hold her.

So I asked him to reposition his hands on her belly instead. Much better.

Iris got too excited and started to try to jump and knocked Simon over.

So, as for the title of this post, we are trying to find a new home for our cats Mochi and Tiramisu (aka Misu). Home At Last Rescue is allowing me to feature them on their website, they have posted them on Petfinder and Craigslist, and I have brought them to their mobile adoption tables on Saturday. This is the second time that Iris and I have been out with them on 4th Street in Berkeley. The poor kitties were living in our garage in Walnut Creek for the last year or so. Simon has pretty bad allergies to the cats so we had to move them out of the house. Ron’s allergies have also worsened recently. They shared the third car garage with some of Ron’s fish and the room was pretty well insulated and they had space to move around. Since we moved to Berkeley, the garage space is not insulated and fairly cold and dark. We also use the garage as storage since the house is smaller so they don’t have as much space. I originally contacted the Berkeley Humane Society but they don’t take owner surrenders and the Berkeley SPCA does euthanize animals that don’t get adopted. The SPCA suggested I contact a rescue group like Home At Last and they were so kind to offer their help to find them a new forever home. They were a little less enthusiastic about being outside today.
We are taking the best care of them as we can, under the circumstances, but as senior cats and very loving cats, they need an indoor home and some more attention. I am sad when I think about really having to give them up but I know they need a better place than our garage. They need a warm lap to sit in and a warm bed to sleep in with an owner who will have more time for them. Some people ask why we just don’t give Simon medicine? But is it really okay to medicate your child just so you can keep your cat? The cats have been a big part of our lives but if I can find them a better home, then I think that is the best for them. So if you know of anyone interested, please have them contact Home At Last Rescue. The kitties profile is available on Petfinder, click HERE.

What about Maxwell? He prefers the outdoors so has been an indoor/outdoor cat since we moved back to Walnut Creek. He is 15 years old and very set in his ways so would not do well in a new home. At least I don’t think he would do well and it would be extremely difficult to find someone who wants a 15 year old cat. So he will enjoy the rest of his life roaming around the Berkeley Hills and sleeping in his soft bed in the garage.

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