Buddy & Happy and TVPhone

I spent a nice afternoon with my parents in the East Bay. We had dim sum at Koi Garden and I went over to their house to meet their new dog: Buddy.

He’s 2 years old and a type of poodle. He looks like a little lamb. Apparently his owner got tired of taking care of him so my dad felt like he could give him a good home. Their dog Happy isn’t very happy right now though with this invader but I’m sure they’ll eventually learn to tolerate each other. They’re in separate spaces right now but it’ll be interesting to see how it’ll be when we’re over for Thanksgiving.

My parents just recently took a trip to Asia and here’s a gadget that my dad brought back, called a TVPhone (side by side with his iPhone).

It doesn’t have the sensitivity of the iPhone touch screen but it does have the capability to display a few languages and seems like it has all the programs that the iPhone comes with. They really do have some good looking copies in Asia. It’ll be interesting to see how well it works as a phone and if you can actually adjust the sensitivity of the screen so it can be used.

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