Pho 2000

Ron and I went to dinner at Pho 2000 because I had a craving for pho and it was the only place we could find that was open after 8pm in our neighborhood.

I ordered their bun bo hue, the usually spicy rice vermicelli noodle soup. I’m used to it having pork blood in it but this one did not. The noodles were good, like a rice spaghetti but it wasn’t spicy enough for me. Perhaps I’m more used to the version they make in a different region of Vietnam because this one used the red chili flakes in oil as the spice, I’m not used to having the flakes in the broth. But it satisfied my noodle craving.

Ron had the five spice chicken over rice.

I’m still in search of a good bun bo hue…

Pho 2000
637 Larkin Street

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