Sears Fine Foods, Hello Kitty at H&M, Asuka Ramen

Our Singapore roomie Justine is visiting so we met up for lunch at Sears Fine Foods. None of us have ever tried this restaurant but I’d heard plenty about their famous Swedish pancakes. They don’t take reservations for lunch and they won’t seat your party until everyone is there. The line wasn’t long except that they did ignore us for about 10 minutes when we were the only remaining people in line and there were plenty of open tables. Otherwise service at that the table was great.

I ordered one of their combination meals that comes with 9 pancakes, hash browns, 2 eggs, and corned beef hash. I ordered scrambled eggs. I liked the corned beef hash and the hash browns were nicely crisped. The pancakes were okay, nothing spectacular but they were really cute because of their size and easy to eat.

Ron ordered the Sloppy Joe.

Later in the afternoon, I went walking around the mall and checked out H&M and was pleasantly surprised they sell Hello Kitty clothes for little girls. So cute!

For dinner, Ron and I went to Asuka Ramen which is close to where we live. We tried some new things this time (since the first time I ate there, I got a stomach ache).

I tried the jajamen, noodles with sauce, some cucumbers and fish cake (no broth). It was pretty good, a Chinese style jajamen but I prefer the Korean style.

Ron had the curry over rice with tonkatsu. I didn’t try it but I assume it was pretty good since Ron ate it all without complaint.

We shared the agedashi tofu. Came out piping hot so that was great. The sauce was a bit oily but had good flavor.

I wish I got more Christmas shopping done today but I seem to get more tired easily so have to sit and rest. So I think I’d better start working on a list so I don’t waste so much time with browsing. Time is flying by, it’s almost Thanksgiving!

Sears Fine Foods
439 Powell Street

Asuka Ramen
883 Bush St

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