Busy-Busy Work Day

In Singapore, I notice that a lot of people repeat words… for example, “one one”, “same same”, “can can”… I think it probably comes from Mandarin where they say things like “ganggang” to mean “just recently” (at least that’s what I think it means). Well, not really sure, but you’ll hear my friend Joyce say things like, “that’s a cute one-one” or if a patient asks if the generic of a drug is the same as the brand then I’ll say it’s “same-same”.

Also, another funny thing I’ve noticed, if I haven’t mentioned it already, is that to spell out words, they use countries as examples. Instead of “A” for “Apple” or “B” as in “Boy”, they’ll say “A” as in “America” or “B” as in “Brazil”. I haven’t quite picked this up yet because it’s hard to think of so many countries off the top of your head. “Z” though doesn’t have a country, most people say “Zack”.

But it was a busy busy day at work today and I’m so exhausted. Considering I had my Mandarin class from 7 to 9:30pm today and had to walk home from the MRT, I’m not sure why I’m still up at this hour. I will be heading to bed soon since I’ve got an early day tomorrow. It’s days like this I really miss the convenience of having a car to get from place to place. It’s not fun standing up on the bus and MRT when your legs are already so tired from standing all day long.

Also, I wanted to thank from friends VJ and JL for their wonderful care package that they sent from the US.

As you can see it includes all type of goodies from home… chocolates, Bath & Body Works lotion, bodywash, rubber stamps, Sanrio items (Hello Kitty!)… I was so happy to receive something to remind me of home. They sent it a few weeks back so I’ve been enjoying the bounty 🙂

I think Ron is still jetlagged, he’s already asleep! and snoring, hehehe…

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