Seoul Garden at Takashimaya

This evening we went to eat steamboat… originally we had planned to go this place at Lucky Plaza on Orchard but when we got there, we found out it has closed. So instead we headed over to Seoul Garden on the 5th floor of Takashimaya. It was the birthday of one of Ron’s classmates so there was a group of us to celebrate.

The place is an all you can eat with BBQ and a small pot for steamboat. On weeknights it’s SGD$17.99 for adults and additional SGD$2.99 for free flow soft drinks. It ended up being SGD$25 per person.

The place had lots of variety of marinated meat, chicken especially… available as Tom Yam, Curry, Teriyaki, Cha Siu, etc. They also have cooked food (which I wouldn’t eat), vegetables, and dessert (fruits, ice cream, shaved iced with ingredients).

The ventilation is quite bad inside so we totally smell like BBQ now. The floor and tables were also wet and sticky, not sure why it was all wet… but be careful when you walk.

We ate very very quickly…

I guess this is a good alternative for BBQ steamboat considering Marina South is closed and East Coast is too far to go for BBQ steamboat.

My favorite was the Tom Yam chicken. Very unique.

Now I’m spending some time searching for good flight deals for our weekend trips… not having any luck right now…

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