Cali Pho Nia

Day 314 = January 10, 2011

Some mornings Simon wakes up too early so that I don’t have enough time to prepare his breakfast so I take his high chair into the kitchen with me and make his breakfast and feed him and also make my lunch and pack his food for the day. He seemed happy to spend time with me this morning.

On his way to daycare on this chilly morning. He will soon outgrow this hat!

We were going to pick up Simon from daycare but he was taking a nap so we ended up having dinner beforehand at Cali Pho Nia. They get 1 star for a creative name but lose stars in the service department. We were the only patrons yet we felt like we were being rushed to order and rushed out. We’re not sure if the waitress thought she was being helpful but instead came off as pushy. The best thing about the meal were the lemon grass french fries. The batter they use on the fries has visible pieces of lemon grass and it’s served with a spicy aioli sauce.

I had the vermicelli platter and overall it was pretty tasty except maybe a bit oily and probably should have been served in a bowl, rather than a plate. But for some reason, maybe an hour later, I was extremely exhausted and wanted to sleep. Maybe it has too much MSG? Ron felt the same way after eating his rice plate.

Ron’s rice plate.

I also tried their three color drink which was a bit weird. It tasted like they used whole milk or a mixture of cow’s milk and coconut milk. I ended up taking it to go because I felt really full from the vermicelli.

So I’m not sure how the pho is but I think they only thing I’d eat again are the lemon grass french fries. I’d be a little afraid of eating the other dishes again if it made both of us so tired. Since Simon had a nap, he was wide awake and ready to play when we got home… and we were exhausted… but we did our best to keep him entertained. Simon has started to kneel and play with his toys, rather than sitting. His balance seems to be getting better everyday.

His dexterity is also improving. Now he seems to have no problem taking snacks out of his snack cup.

So many little changes everyday…

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