Chinese class

Today I had the Chinese teacher all to myself since my other two classmates didn’t show up. I think I like her more now after having some one-on-one time with her. She used to irritate me a bit because I think she was a bit too boastful about her accomplishments and didn’t know how to be humble. I don’t like people who preen their own feathers. But I learned a bit more her today and she actually took the time to try to understand my questions and answer them. She used to just assume to know what I was going to ask and answer before I finished asking.

She taught me something interesting though so thought I’d share… it’s a Chinese phrase to call certain ladies:

San(4) pei(2) xiao(3) jie(3)

Hope that Hanyu Pinyin is right…

Literally means something like “three young girls for company”. The “three” doesn’t mean there are actually three girls but that they are willing to do three “things” for you. Namely: Eat, Drink, & Sleep.

Chinese phrases sometimes are so appropriate and it’s quite creative on how they make up words that they don’t already have.

I’ll be missing 3 classes though since I’m leaving for US! Will try to be good and study… hmm…

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