Farewell Dinners

Ron has been attending lots of “farewell” dinners this week. It’s the end of the period so some of the students are returning to Fontainbleu so have been getting together to enjoy Singapore’s restaurants and chat before leaving.

Tonight we went to Thai Express at Holland Village. It’s so strange that we’ve been there quite a few times this year after not even having step foot in their all of last year. On this visit, the had newly printed menus, no more dog eared, food stained menus. Quite snazzy.

I tried the Thai Seafood Laksa. It was very nice. It sort of tasted like green curry noodles but with extra coconut milk.

Afterwards, some of us headed to one of the bars down the street. We ended up at Wala Wala which has a one-for-one house pours and beer until 9:30pm. I got to try a different Hoegaarden beer called “Forbidden Fruits”. It’s basically a darker version of the Hoegaarden White with a slightly stronger flavor.

We stayed a bit to chat until I got too tired and had to go home. I think Ron will be going to these farewell dinners all week long.

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