Crafter in the Making

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Last week, we used my circle and square craft punches to make paper cookies and crackers for Simon’s kitchen. Today he wanted to make popcorn so we used a flower punch. He likes using the punch himself. Future crafter!

We went to Blackhawk Plaza again today for the Radio Disney event and the theme today was the kids’ show Phineas and Ferb.

We stuck around to have lunch, picking up some stuff from the deli section of the nearby grocery store. Here are the kiddos with our nanny Annie.

Then we went to feed the ducks.

There were a few ducklings swimming around.

The ducks were more eager for food today. They walked right up to us without fear.

Simon with his gentle smile.

Then we stopped by Grandma Tam’s house to try some yellow watermelon. Sweet and refreshing!

Grandma Tam with grandkids.

Iris holding into her bottle. Her little grip is getting strong. She likes to hold onto my necklace and hair. Also she can grab ahold of her musical toys that require a tug on a ring to make the music play.

Growing up too fast!

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