No Naps

Thursday, August 22, 2013

If Simon doesn’t take his afternoon nap, then those are the days I need a nap! Yesterday he napped about 15-20 minutes in the car and today he didn’t nap at all even though he complained he was tired. I would be okay with him stopping his naps if he is ready but he gets really fussy so I don’t think he’s ready to quit them just yet.

He was a bit frustrating today and overall just disagreeable. He hit me on the hand, he drew on the wall with permanent marker, he cried at the playground, and he fell asleep on the car ride to swim class but woke up to walk into the pool before deciding he didn’t want to swim then we had to go home. Then when we got to the car, he said he wanted to go back to class (but we left).

The playground incident might have been just because he was scared but he was screaming and crying extremely loudly which is not the norm. He’s still trying to figure out how to interact with other kids so maybe he was also frustrated and a bit lonely.


He’s really attached to us and doesn’t like to self play much. He will sometimes when we are busy cooking but otherwise wants us to hang out with him. Tonight he and Ron searched the Internet for LEGO instructions to build a train. He was really happy. He’s recently been really into building with LEGOs.

Smiley little Iris.

Iris seems to like yellow colored toys. On her play mat, she likes this butterfly with a yellow head.

I’m tired today… I hope tomorrow will be a better day.

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