CSCM looking for…

Day 151

CSCM = Cute Single Chinese Male looking for…

I can’t imagine the day when Simon has his first girlfriend… I hope it’s a long long time from now.

Ron found a good way for Simon to play with two toys at the same time, sitting in his Exersaucer next to his playmat propped up so that he can try to reach the toys.


From the newsdesk of Simon Chung:

I spent the day in Sonoma for my friend Kathleen’s bachelorette party. Her sister Colleen did a great job of organizing our relaxing day. We had a limo that took us around to a few wineries, had a picnic lunch at Imagery, relaxed by the hotel pool, and had dinner at Meritage. Imagery has two beautiful spots for picnics, a lawn with picnic tables set up and a patio area with many tables. They also have bocce ball although we did not have a chance to play. I prepared the lunch last night which included a broccoli quinoa salad with a sweet sour cream based dressing, zucchini orzo with basil salad, cheese and crackers with cold cuts, veggies with Ranch dressing, blueberries, and apricots. I didn’t get my own picture of the lunch so I hope someone else did but I did get a good group shot of everyone by our limo. Our driver Lee did a great job driving us around and taking photos for us.

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