Learning to drive

Day 152

I caught Simon this morning grabbing onto his foot and also grabbing onto Biggie Pooh’s foot… so cute!

So we had a busy day today. First we went to visit Vicki and also check out her new car. She let Simon test drive it.

He can barely see over the steering wheel while standing up.

Then we went to lunch at Kingdom of Dumpling near her house. We had a delicious and filling lunch.

Green onion pancakes which Ron says are very similar to the Taiwanese way, they were chewy but crisp.

We tried their tofu threads which were seasoned with a bit of soy sauce and cilantro. I wonder if these tofu “noodles” will work in soup or as a spaghetti?

The string beans were good, cooked al dente and dry fried.

Hot sweet soy milk. They also have salty soy milk.

We tried their steamed dumplings, this is 2 orders, each order is 6 pieces. They were pretty yummy, steaming hot and full of delicious juices.

Chive cakes.

Wide rice noodles with pork dumplings, mushrooms, and mustard greens. We were already too full when this finally arrived so I only had a little bit but the noodles and dumplings were delicious.

After lunch, we went to visit Ron’s mom in Millbrae. Simon had been fussy in the restaurant because he wanted to sleep but it was a bit too loud so once we got into the car, Simon tried to sleep. He ended up sucking on his fingers… and flipping me off.

Today is my dad’s birthday so we were going to have dinner at Hokkaido Seafood Buffet in Foster City/San Mateo so right before dinner, we dropped by our friends’ Sabrina and Min so that I could meet their boys Connor and Toby. The boys decided to hold a board meeting.

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Last week, Simon had been mostly screeching but recently he’s been babbling again. Check it out:

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