Two feet on the ground

Day 150

Simon seems to be stretching out a bit more. Both of his feet can actually touch the ground while in the Exersaucer. He no longer needs the extra piece of foam to stand on. He still curls his toes though.

Ron took this picture of Simon to showcase his growing belly!

Since Simon likes to watch TV, Ron let Simon watch a bit of “Baby Can Read” videos. He seemed to enjoy it.

Just a cute photo of Simon sitting on Ron’s stomach.

I think I’ve mentioned that Simon is becoming more interested in the cats so Ron shot this video of Simon intently watching Mochi grooming herself while on the cat tree. He also takes some interest as Misu walks across his view. I hope that Simon does not start to imitate Mochi…

Ron and Simon came again to pick me up and brought some delicious tapioca (aka pearl) drinks for me and my coworkers. My favorite is the avocado smoothie and my favorite place to get it at is Sweetheart Cafe. The original is in Oakland Chinatown and there is also shops in SF Chinatown, Berkeley, and Milpitas. If you like fresh, sweet, chewy pearls, you’ll like this place. They also use real fruits for their drinks rather than powders. They also have a great hot grass jelly drink where you can choose the add-ins like taro, rice balls, sesame balls, red bean, green bean, etc. It was a good afternoon treat.

It wasn’t time for me to get off work yet so Ron went to the Starbucks nearby to wait with Simon. It was chilly so Simon was bundled up.

Eventually he got fussy so they went back to the parked car and Ron had Simon practice sitting up inside his car seat. He’s building more stomach muscles so if he falls backwards, he can sometimes pull himself back up into a seated position.

We think Simon has started recognizing himself in mirrors. He seems really excited looking at himself in the backseat mirror we have in the car. The mirror is for him and also for us to see him in our rearview mirror.

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