Curious Eyes

September 24, 2013

I love Iris’ big curious eyes.

Simon said he had a better day today and was very happy to see me. One of the first things he asks me is “What do you have for snack?” Today was a mango pearl drink.

He ate most of his lunch today: grilled cheese with hot dog sandwiches, carrots, apple pear, cantaloupe, cheese, fruit snacks, roasted seaweed, and a navel orange.

He left a few carrots, some cantaloupe, and the orange. Cute little toothpicks helped him eat more I think. He isn’t a super fan of sandwiches but seemed into them today.

Iris’ cozy new Hello Kitty PJs.

Simon took a bath in our master bath tub. The drain in his bathroom is broken so you can’t fill it with water but Simon wanted a bath instead of a shower today.

Today I had a big day and had a haircut. Farewell long hair! I hope one day you will be used to make a someone happy.

I think I will be donating to Pantene Beautiful Lengths this time. Locks of love is in some sort of accounting dispute with the IRS so I don’t feel comfortable with donating to them right now.

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