Monday, September 23, 2013

I suspect Simon didn’t take a nap at school but didn’t get a chance to ask his teacher. He might soon not need naps every day since he does not always nap when at home but with being a little sick, he probably needs a little more sleep. He fell asleep in the car and continued to sleep for a short while at home.

He said today was a little better at school but he still missed us sometimes but every day is a little better. Maybe he’s finally turning a corner. Mondays have been the toughest days and he usually doesn’t eat but today was slightly better. He has pizza, cucumbers, honeydew melon, cheese, chocolate bunny cookies, fruit snacks, dried apples, crackers, and one Hershey’s chocolate.

He only left 1/3 of the pizza, 1/2 the cucumbers, and the chocolate bunnies. He ate the apples and crackers on the car ride home. We let him watch Disney’s Ratatouille during dinner, so entranced.

Little Iris has some tummy troubles today, a little constipated it seems, so she didn’t nap all that well. She was in bed before 8pm and quickly fell asleep. Our little year of the snake girl.

Thanks Uncle Tim and Auntie Callie for the onesie!

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