Daddy’s Little Princess

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Cozy little hat to keep Iris’ head warm.

Iris had a few hours of Daddy-time this morning. Her bib says “Daddy’s Little Princess”.

Simon had a warm (I hope) lunch today. Not sure if the thermos kept it warm all day but he seemed to like it as there wasn’t much left over. I made pasta with corn and mini hot dogs in the thermos. Plus grapes, Fuji apples, string cheese, half a chocolate chip cookie (leftover from our dinner at Fuddruckers last night that he didn’t get to eat), and snack of apple chips and assorted crackers.

Tonight Ron and I attended the fundraiser gala for Asian Health Services with my family. New Oakland Pharmacy was a platinum sponsor of the event this year.


It was a good program this year and I hope they raised their goal amount. Dinner was well done this time, complete with a beautiful mango dessert.

As you know, I cut my hair yesterday. In part because it is really thinning out now post giving birth. I didn’t lose quite this much hair after Simon so it was a little scary seeing it come out in clumps. My hair is really thin on top so is a bit flat looking but here is the length of my new hairdo. Tomorrow I’ll have to try to style it myself, I’m hoping it won’t be a disaster.

Iris stayed home with our nanny this evening and Simon went out with Ron’s parents at their house. He was a bit reluctant to go and cried a little. Thanks to the Chung grandparents for watching him. He was happy to come home and I was happy to see him.

He showed off his art class project from today which he calls his “shape book”. They cut out shapes and glued them on the paper and he folded it in half to make it a “book”. He prefers his “choooz” smile over his regular smile.


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