Little Miss Sunshine

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Can’t resist kissing her cheeks in the morning!

All dressed up in yellow. Our ray of sunshine.

Simon didn’t seem to like his lunch much today. In the thermos is mushroom chicken over rice then persimmons, string cheese, assorted crackers, and fruit snacks.

He hardly ate anything but I was really proud of him this morning since he almost didn’t cry. Right when I was going to say goodbye and give him a hug and kiss is when he “panicked” and started to get upset. Each day a little closer to him being used to getting dropped off in the morning. He says he likes school but is just a little sad sometimes. Here are some of his recent artwork that they posted outside the classroom.

Simon’s Chinese name “Wenjie” in beans.

Handprint trees.

Sand scenery.

Big smile for me 🙂

Iris had a big day of drinking milk and actually napping. During the time I was at work, she drank 4 ounces x 6 = 24 ounces. Normally it is only 18-20 ounces and she will take in 2-4 ounces each feeding. She also napped in 1-2 hour increments where it is usually 30 minutes. Sounds like another growth spurt maybe 🙂

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