Davao Day 5

The breakfast buffet was available again today. We haven’t figured out why they only have it on certain days so we just show up and see what we get. After breakfast we take a short nap before heading to rent a kayak to visit the clam sanctuary. It took us quite a while to get out there since we weren’t very coordinated with the paddles and the waves were pretty choppy. But we made it and parked out kayak at the stairs of the sanctuary. There’s a guard in the small hut and you have to sign in when you visit. The large sea clams are right underneath and also being grown around the perimeter. It was pretty awesome. We also saw some cool fish, like this huge maroon clown, the size of my palm. They come toward you if you wave your fingers at it, Ron says because they think your fingers may be anemone tentacles.

We kayaked back and arrived back around 2pm. It was faster on the way back, maybe because the waves were working with us.

We had the following for lunch.

Papaya shake

Pearl Farm Beef Burger (1/4 lb char-grilled with cheese, tomato, cucumber, lettuce, onion, bacon, and fries, P275).

Chopchae (Korean glass noodles and spicy beef salad infused with sweet sesame oil vinagrette, P250).

We had also scheduled beauty treatments for the late afternoon but my facial got cancelled since they were missing carrot juice for one of the ingredients. Ron went to get his massage though at 5pm and I just hung around until dinner time.

Timo and Elina came to hang out for a while with us before they had to leave to catch their flight back to Singapore.

We weren’t all that hungry so just ordered one Pizza Magherita.

Ron had a drink called Pink Lady (on the left). I tried something they had called Samal Four Seasons, a juice of 4 fruits: calamansi, pineapple, watermelon, and papaya. It was a bit strong in watermelon flavor.

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