Day 2 Bintan Resorts

The breakfast at Nirwana Beach Club (NBC) is not very special. It’s things like beef bacon, chicken sausage, fried potatoes, fried rice, omlettes, a couple of cereals, and a few pastries plus coffee, tea, or juices. But it’s free so what the hey..

But the view is very nice…

The guys looking tough… in front of our cabana:

Just thought it very funny…

After breakfast we went to try archery and rifle shooting. It’s SGD$8 for approx 25 arrows and SGD$8 for 35 bullets. I enjoyed the archery, reminded me of the time when we did it during high school P.E.

We had a quick bite then went to ride the ATVs (All Terrain Vehicles). We rented one single bike (SGD$50/hr) and two buggies (SGD$75/hr each). Now I know what it was like when cars didn’t have power steering… it was really fun but also pretty scary and dirty…

After we cleaned off all the mud, we went to find ourselves some dinner at Pasir Oleh Oleh, I think a “village” put together by Bintan Resorts. It has quite a few places to shop for souvenirs and also some food places.

Scary huh?

We ended up eating at a place called Bintan Idol where the food was pretty good. Large portions for an affordable price. They allowed us to bring our own wines for SGD$5 corkage per bottle. We were also serenaded by their band. They sang us English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and Indonesian songs. It was pretty amazing they could fulfill all our requests. I took some videos of their songs so will find some way to post them later on.

To check out more pictures from the day, click here or see below:

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