Ferry to Bintan, Indonesia

This evening we took a ferry from the east coast of Singapore to Bintan, Indonesia. Our ferry was at 8pm but we had to arrive 1.5hrs earlier to pick up tickets and go through immigration. It felt like we weren’t going to a different country because the ferry is only about an hour but we still had to go through immigration and also when we get to Bintan, we had to pay for a VISA. It’s $10USD per person for a 7-day VISA.

I was very happy to be leaving for the weekend since we haven’t been out of Singapore for the last month. Ron called me a big bag lady because I had my huge bags on both sides.

On this trip were Ron, me, Joyce, Alex, and Kevin.

The ferry ride was a bit turbulent. Actually, getting on the ferry was the worse, it was swinging side to side. I didn’t know the currents in Singapore waters were this strong. But I made it all the way without getting seasick. I think it helped I took a little nap.

We are staying at Nirwana Beach Club. Each cabana room is SGD$125 per night for 2 people, a 3rd person per room is an extra SGD$30 per night. The price includes breakfast, land transport from the ferry terminal, and all taxes are already included. The rooms are not fancy or anything but have air conditioning, clean towels and linens, shampoo, soap, a tiny TV, but the rooms were pretty spacious.

We got in pretty late so settled in quickly to our rooms and then went to find some food. We went to one of the nearby hotels on the shuttle and just had some Western food. There wasn’t much selection at the restaurant we went to but it was one of the few still open. The place was almost empty was well… guess people won’t come in until Saturday.

Tomorrow should be fun though, we will explore the resort a bit more.

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