Last day in Bintan

Ahh… our last day in Bintan. We negotiated with a driver to take us to Tanjung Pinang, a city about 1.5hrs away from the Bintan Resorts. We figured it’d be interesting to get our of the resort area… but after we went there, for me, it would’ve been better to stay and relax on the beach. I’m not sure what the others thought. It’s very urban and we didn’t really know where to go so just ended up wandering around the few city blocks. We did a little shopping, I think Joyce and I were okay with shopping for clothes but the guys were very bored. We wandered around the streets looking for food but ended up where our driver had dropped us off and ate at the mall.

Ron and I ate the fried chicken place and he ordered a “spring chicken”:

Poor thing but it was very tasty… too bad chicken skin is really bad for you, it was really crispy and tasty.

After we left the city, we headed back to the area where we had dinner yesterday and went for a massage. Alex and Kevin had foot massages which they said weren’t that good. Ron and I had full body massages (SGD$28/60mins) and I thought they were pretty good. The pressure wasn’t as strong as I would’ve liked but it was very relaxing. I especially like the temple and head massage plus they crack your back and your neck. I’ve only had my back and neck cracked one other time when we were in Korea. They crack your back differently though, the women hug your from behind and twist you to the left slowly, then twist you back, then twist you again, then twist your back, then twist harder until you hear cracks. They do the same to the right and they can do it to your neck as well. It was a bit scary but my back feels great.

We headed back to the Beach Club to watch the sunset and wander around the beach collecting sand dollars and sea shells.

We’ll do something fun with this picture later…

We went to have a quick dinner before the shuttle arrived to take us to the ferry terminal. We took the last ferry back to Singapore at 8:15pm.

We arrived a bit late back to Singapore since the ferry is about 1 hour but Bintan is an hour behind Singapore, so although it was 8pm in Bintan, it’s 9pm in Singapore so we got back around 10pm. It’ll be tiring for all of us to go back to work tomorrow. But it was nice to get away and also get a bit of a tan 🙂

Fore more pictures, click here or see below:

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