Dessert Heaven

I’ve been suffering from severe jetlag the whole week… I was jetlagged in US and now jetlagged in SG. Oh well, after this weekend I hope it will be better. So far nothing much planned. Ron and I went to Bugis today and went to Sim Lim Square to shop for electronics. We met up with Joyce for dinner at Suntec City. Ron had a craving for Japanese food so we went to the Japanese buffet restaurant called Kuishin-Bo. I think I mentioned it before in a previous post… they have this annoying jingle which is unforgettable.

Ron kindly waited in line while Joyce and I shopped. She’d had an eventful day by giving a talk about Ambulatory Care Pharmacists to an audience of nurses and doctors. It was a talk about the evolving role of pharmacists. So she’s been a bit stressed so it was lucky she could get some retail therapy. On the ground level was a “This Fashion” sale where all dresses for $5 and tops for $8. Unbelievably cheap! Although Joyce and I will have to be careful how we dress so that we don’t match since we have bought some of the same clothes 😛

When it was our turn to be seated, Ron called us up and we headed upstairs. I really love to eat the sashimi and I tried Joyce’s favorite thing, it looks like a bag made from tofu and filled with mochi. It was yummy, I can understand why it’s her favorite thing.

But I really love the desserts, those are my favorite.. mango pudding, grass jelly, konnyaku, green tea frozen yogurt, mochi, donuts, cheesecake…

It was a good dinner…

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