Japanese snacks

I mentioned I had a 2 hour layover in Narita so I went shopping at all the duty free and snack shops. So I wanted to share with you the delicious goods I bought.

First is the banana cake. Apparently famous in Tokyo. I love the wrapping.

They really look like little bananas, about 3 inches long. The cake is soft and moist and filled with a sticky banana filling. Ron doesn’t like the filling though, he said it’s too sticky… it actually kind of looks like snot… but I swear it tastes good!

Next is the melon steam cake. I love all things melon, like I really love Korean melon ice cream bars and their melon gum. So this packaging of course caught my eye.

Again the packaging is so cute. Each are individually wrapped and the cake inside is also very soft and moist. It has a sweet center and the melon taste is very yummy.

Next is from Chocolate House.

They are like mini pound cakes and come in butter, green tea, and chocolate flavors. They are only about 1 inch long but perfect as bite size morsels. You can tell they’re unhealthy because of how buttery they are.

Lastly, Hello Kitty cake.

Cute tin, huh? Well the cake is even cuter… it’s Hello Kitty shaped!

Yum Yum!

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