Haircut, Shopping, Movie, and Culture

Today I went to Vivo City to have my hair cut and colored. I went to Joyce’s salon because she has a haircut plan. My color isn’t very noticeable but at least I don’t have any more white hairs. I met up with Joyce for lunch at the Food Republic.

Joyce ordered this thing called “tea rice” where it’s a mix of veggies, tofu, peanuts where you pour a green tea “soup” and stir it up to eat. I tried some and it is good although a bit weird… the bitter green tea taste is a bit strange but all the ingredients were very yummy.

I only ordered a basil omelet since I wasn’t that hungry. Had a latte from Coffee Bean so I think that curbed my appetite. The omelet was a bit salty though.

We did a bit of shopping and then saw Ironman. I want to be a superhero now!


Afterwards, Ron and I went to this show at the NUS University Cultural Centre (UCC). Ron’s dad’s friend gave us tickets since he helped in the production of the show. It was called “The Musical Theatre Adaptation of The Sutra of Innumerable Meanings”. It’s organized by the Tzu Chi Foundation of Singapore. Although the singing was quite good, I had a really hard time concentrating since it was in Mandarin. My understanding is still not that good, especially in more formal language. There were subtitles but not for everything and it was difficult to read and then also try to concentrate on the performers actions. So I have a bit of a headache after the performance but I’m glad our family friend thought to share the experience with us.

If you want to see what my hair is like now, I had Ron take a picture. The color is hard to tell but the cut is makes my hair much thinner, not so thick so a bit cooler.

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