Second day at daycare

Day 309 = January 5, 2011

The daycare requested that we dress Simon a bit more warmly, at least two layers. I guess they go outside to play in the backyard sometimes so don’t want them to get cold. We also leave an extra jacket and change of clothes there for him. So today he is wearing a onesie and this sweatshirt that Grandma Tam got for him (in CAL colors!). He’s checking himself out in the mirror.

Mommy, do you want to see how you look too?

Ron says that Simon had a pretty good day at daycare. He visited near the end of the day to observe Simon at play. Simon seemed to like being in the kitchen.

He liked this play kitchen since our first visit.

The toy tables are at his height.

Mommy and Daddy, can you get me a table like this?

Simon still likes to put everything in his mouth.

We’re not sure if he learned these things at daycare but did two new things this evening: drinking a juice box through a straw and making new sounds with his pacifier.

During dinner, Simon got a little fussy so we offered him this apple juice box. He doesn’t seem to know how to start sucking but once you squeeze a little juice into his mouth, he can seal his lips around the straw and drink the juice. He also tries to chew on the straw though, probably just trying out his teeth. This is a reduced sugar apple juice box from Trader Joe’s.

The second thing Simon started doing this evening was biting his pacifier and pulling it out of his mouth and being really excited while doing it.

We wonder if he is picking up these things from other children in daycare. I guess that is one thing we’ll have to deal with, he’ll be picking up “bad” habits along with the good stuff.

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