Mum + Dad = Me

Day 175

Simon’s morning exercise includes:

Walking around my Exersaucer

and doing some push-ups

After his morning exercise, Simon gets really tired and takes his nap. Lately it’s been 3 hours long! Not sure what is going on with him but at least it gives Ron a prolonged period of time to do work at home during the day. Here he is waking up from a restful nap, all smiles and happy.

Ron dressed Simon up in a new outfit. I bought this tank top at H&M that says “Mum + Dad = Me”. It was a warm day again so he didn’t want to get Simon dressed up in anything too warm. Ron tried to prop Simon up against the couch to stand and he can sort of lean backwards against it but wasn’t really in the mood to have his photo taken. This is the one with the best expression though. It almost doesn’t look like Simon. It also looks like he’s about to fall forward but daddy is always there to catch him in case.

Sometimes babies are so funny. They just want to keep on playing and playing… then suddenly fall asleep.

Ron said that Simon was sitting quietly playing with his toys at his feet. Then a few minutes later when Ron looked up, Simon had completely konked out. So hilarious. Poor guy must have been pooped out.

Simon had more prunes for dinner and unfortunately I got some on his clothes. So I changed him back into his white tank top and just a diaper. It was still too warm for him to wear much else. This heat wave is great! I wish it would last. But anyhow, you can check out all of Simon’s chubby parts: face, arms, legs, belly. Makes you just want to pinch him, doesn’t it?

He was suddenly fascinated by the Boppy pillow’s manufacturer tags. Likely because they’re soft and easy to grab in his little hands. I cut most of the tags off his bibs and other toys so maybe he’s also fascinated because it’s something new. It’s so fun to watch him fascinated by something, I’m just fascinated by him.

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