Eve of the Year of the Rabbit 2011 (4709)

Day 337 = February 2, 2011


It’s the eve of the Year of the Rabbit 4709. Grandpa Chung came to visit in the morning and brought Simon some lucky money.

Simon’s Outfit of the Day: If crying…

Insert Burger. From the Shake Shack during our trip to New York.

Today Simon had a temperature of 99.5 F so Ron was called to pick up Simon early from daycare. His nose was stuffed up and he had difficulty breathing when laying down to go to sleep. We let him sleep for a few hours before heading to have Chinese New Year Eve dinner with my parents. We had a traditional dinner. My mom made individual shark fin soup, steamed in her super sized wok in the wok room.

We also had roast pork, chicken, and lettuce dish with mushrooms, abalone, black seaweed, and oysters. Simon is not so happy as he was a still tired and not feeling so well.

My dad took care of Simon for part of the evening so that my arms could rest. They walked around the house taking pictures with their flowers for the new year.

My mom is holding a rice cake.

Can you believe this is edible? Kind of neat.

Simon had another nap in my arms before we home after dinner.

After we got home, Simon had a temperature to 101.3 F so we gave him a dose of acetaminophen. I hope he will sleep okay tonight. At least Ron will stay home with him tomorrow so he will be comfortable in familiar surroundings.

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