Happy Lunar New Year 2011

Day 338 = February 3, 2011

Simon’s new PJ outfit. You’re supposed to wear something new for the new year and Simon needed something comfortable since he’s still not feeling so well.

He slept okay last night but was fussy this morning so Ron ended up holding him to take a nap while I had to head off to work.

Throughout the day, Ron had to wear Simon in the Baby Bjorn while he was napping or else he couldn’t fall asleep. Part of it was so he could breathe but he also wanted some comfort.

But as the day wore on, he seemed to get better, his appetite picked up: chicken, blueberries, freeze dried strawberries/mangoes, grapes, and Cheerios.

Then later he eats some freeze dried blueberries which are crunchy if you don’t soften them with saliva first. They are probably soothing his itching gums, perhaps his molars are coming in too…

Simon seemed a lot better today so we did some more standing exercises today.

Ron says all he wanted to do today was read books and sleep. I guess he’s not quite back to his normal self but at least not fussy all the time and not super lethargic. He didn’t have a fever today so will go to daycare tomorrow. He just has a bit of runny nose and that intermittent cough.

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