Watermelon versus Double Chocolate Chip Cookie

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Watermelon versus double chocolate chip cookie, which would you choose?

Simon chose:

In actuality, he chose the watermelon first, had a few pieces, then went ahead to try the cookie.

He proceeded to finish the entire bowl of watermelon and his half cookie. I was surprised he went for the watermelon first since he absolutely loves chocolate. I guess fruit is his first love. And yes, those are band aids on his forehead. He tripped and fell again at camp, too excited to see his friends.

It was a chilly day today in Walnut Creek so it was even cold in the house. Iris wore the sweatshirt from last night to stay warm while playing on her play mat.

To encourage Iris to use a pacifier instead of her fingers, I bought this baby item called a Wubbanub. The pacifier is sewn onto a soft toy, in this case, a tabby cat.

She likes it sometimes but it seems she prefers her hands if she had a choice. But I realized today, when she is really exhausted, she doesn’t want a pacifier or her hands, she just wants to fall asleep without anything in her mouth.

Today, I also figured out why Iris has been fussy recently while drinking from the bottle. She would drink eagerly but suddenly stop and cry out. When she stopped, you could hear the air rushing through the valve. Basically the flow was too slow for her and she was getting frustrated! So today I tried the next flow size and she eagerly drank 140ml (about 4.5 oz). She had only been drinking about 60-120ml (2-4oz) before. Now it makes me think she just wasn’t getting enough milk which led to afternoon fussiness. Poor baby. Mommy will try to do a better job in reading your signals.

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