Just a Little Sick

Sunday, September 22, 2013

We had an early rain this Saturday and Simon wore his raincoat and rain boots to go splashing around. He already had a little cough but it maybe got worse with the change in weather. He had a great time outside splashing around but had a hard time sleeping on Saturday night. Tonight he already seemed better though with less coughing. The weather was nicer today too.

Saturday, September 21:
The amazing sleeping baby only made a one night appearance. She has returned back to waking up after about 5 hours.

Outfit for the day. This little dress has a onesie attached inside. Makes it easier to hold her without worrying about. “bunching”.

She is getting much more deliberate with her hand movements. It was fun to watch her touch and grab her toys.

I like this playmat for multiple uses. Great for tummy time.

Silly Simon spent the afternoon out with Ron’s parents but took some pics of him acting silly before he left. He loves eating apple pears that we got from Grandpa Tam.



Ron and I went out for coffee with Iris in the afternoon. Looks like she might want some!

Maybe she needed some as she fell asleep quickly afterwards.


Sunday, September 22:
Sleeping beauty. Her hair in the front is always a little bit funny, a little bed head in the morning.

Napping in Ergo carrier. She is finally big enough to carry her comfortably in it. Gives my arms a break and lets her be closer to me. Don’t worry, she can breathe, this picture is just taken at a bad angle.

Outfit for the day. Two layers of warmth again for a little chilly day. Daddy needs to shave, Iris doesn’t like to be close to his scruffy chin.

Simon wrapping himself like a burrito.

Playmat time again. She can play by herself up to 15-20 minutes before she starts wanting attention. Tummy time itself maybe only 5 minutes since it is a lot of work for her.

Simon was still coughing on and off during the day and didn’t have much appetite. But he always has room for ice cream.

Another weekend finished. Time to tackle another week.

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