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April 9 – April 16, 2011

Warning: This will be a long post!

Simon checking out his new hat and making a funny face

I went to the Japantown Cherry Blossom Festival today to meet Lela Lee, the artist behind Angry Little Girls. Photo courtesy of my friend Tiffany. I got her latest book Fairy Tales for Angry Little Girls.

The festival was super crowded so I only walked around for a bit before heading home to Simon and Ron. Before leaving I spotted a Hello Kitty Smart car!

I picked up some fresh lychee and mango mochi.

Simon seems to be on the road to recovery. He always loves his bath time and has started asking for it in the evening near bedtime. He’ll say something that sounds like “ba-pu” to signal he’s tired and ready to have his bath before bedtime. He’s started to let us brush his teeth a bit and sometimes he’ll point to his toothbrush so he can hold it himself. He usually just holds onto it though or gnaw on it.

Batman Simon (chewing on a credit card)

Check out the cool cape in the back. An outfit my mom got from Hong Kong.

We attended a baby shower for our friends Susan and Ken today and on our way there, Simon fell asleep. He always looks so peaceful.

They had a pinata for the kids and once it was broken open, Simon went to grab some candy (although we didn’t let him eat any).

He didn’t have much of a nap before the party and stayed up the whole time during the party so we were all exhausted and had a long nap after we got home. Maybe if we let Simon have candy, he would have stayed awake.

Simon loves his Ziggy the Zebra and is starting to play with his Tigger.

He likes this magnetic pen and pad toy. He’ll take the pen in his hand and hit the tip to the pad… but he doesn’t look at what he’s drawing.

Doraemon Simon.

Simon found this formula can in our recycling bin and wanted to carry it around. We’ve been giving him formula interchangeably with milk so that he’ll get some extra vitamins like DHA, Omega 3, etc. He discovered that it is fun to bang on the can like a drum to make noise.

Simon drumming on his can.

This is how Simon sleeps this days. His mattress is on the ground because he tries to climb out of his Pack and Play. He ends up scooting himself near the edge of his mattress though. We need to buy him a bigger bed soon.

Simon’s devious little smile.

Simon’s round little tummy.

Simon playing with his blankie.

Ron says Simon looks like a peeled banana.

Out to dinner at Hard Knox Cafe in Dog Patch. Pretty family friendly place.

Simon testing out his new paper pad and crayons. I visited his daycare a few days ago and he was at the craft table playing with the crayons and sheets of paper laying around so I bought him this easel pad and the crayons were given to him by our friends Shizuka and Hiro as a present before he was born. He doesn’t really draw but instead “stabs” the paper but ends up making some markings. Mommy and Daddy helped him a little bit with this drawing.

“This is fun!”

Simon usually sleeps in until 7am on weekends but woke up at 6:30am this morning, requesting his milk and breakfast. He goes “ma-ma”, “na-na” (his word for milk or drink).

I am looking forward to when Simon is old enough to help me to cook. This morning he was flipping through our Cookie Monster cookbook.

His coordination is getting better as he can open the book and flip pages more easily. I think he also recognizes Cookie Monster from watching Sesame Street.

For lunch I made Simon some macaroni with corn and cheese. He didn’t want us to feed him, he wanted to try to feed himself with the spoon. He was only able to get a few bites on the spoon but he kept on jabbing his spoon into the bowl to try to get more out. Eventually he got tired of the macaroni and only wanted to eat the corn so Ron had to scoop it out for him.

I took Simon to Gymboree then to Ikea. He had fun exploring the children’s area with their toy tables, chairs, kitchen setup, tool setup, etc. We then stopped by the restaurant to have a snack. I got a the kid’s combo with chicken tenders and french fries. I have no idea how Simon knows what french fries are but he grabbed one right away and refused to eat the chicken so I let him have a few fries.

I started to eat them and dipping them in ketchup so Simon also wanted to try dipping. I think he enjoyed dipping, more than he enjoyed the ketchup.

After our Ikea trip (they have a great table/2 chairs set for $19.99 and the highchair with tray for $24.99), we headed home and Simon wanted to check the mail.

Future as a mailman?

Mommy and Daddy had an afternoon treat that our friend Virginia brought us. Lemon meringue and spicy Mexican chocolate from Cupkates. The spicy Mexican chocolate was a surprise but in a good way.

Simon had pineapple for dinner but couldn’t really break up the fibers. He’s having a good laugh with daddy.

Sleeping peacefully after a long day.

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