First booster seat

Day 169

When I play with Simon in the morning before I go to work, he always doesn’t seem quite awake yet and ready to interact. He enjoys playing quietly by himself and will tire quickly. He usually only stays up for an hour to an hour and half before wanted to go back to bed. He’s so concentrated in this photo…

I guess he was really tired today as Ron caught Simon falling asleep while he was eating his breakfast.

Simon went to the grandparents again today and they took him out for a stroll in their jogging stroller. It has big sturdy wheels so goes over bumps better. Simon is almost fitting into it now without the car seat. Now that he can pretty much sit up by himself, he seems more comfortable. He’s growing so fast!

We’ve also upgraded him to his own booster seat for meals. When we first tried feeding him solids, we used the Bumbo with the tray but he hated sitting in it and kept on squirming. Then we fed him while he was standing in his Exersaucer seat because he seemed to tolerate that better but probably not a good habit. So Ron bought this portable booster seat that straps onto a chair, has a tray table that can be used for food and also for play. Simon will get his meal first then we put on the play tray table for him after eating. It has a “stamp”, something to draw with on the surface, and a little mirror.

Kids need so much stuff!

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