Tickle Tickle Tickle!

Day 168

I really like this picture, not sure why, just funny that Simon looks kind of PO’d… like, “why are you taking my picture? I just woke up!”.

OOTD and with a smile.

Fifteen minutes later when daddy realized he forgot to put on a bib.

A little tickle session with daddy:

Grandpa Chung fed Simon lunch today. NOM!

Here is the food we made for Simon. Mostly white corn and some yellow squash. This a mini brownie bite silicone mold, much cheaper than those specialty baby food silicone molds. Unfortunately, we won’t be feeding him these just yet. The yellow squash seems to cause Simon some stomach discomfort with digesting it so we’ll wait until next month or so to try again. For now, I’ve popped them out of the mold and put them in sealed plastic bags with proper labeling.

In the evening, I played with Simon and his toys. The shape sorter that Suanty gave us has a dome that we use as a bowl for his toys and also makes a great hard hat!

Simon had a little Simon (the chipmunk) for dinner…

Our friend Ken brought us some yummy pastries for breakfast tomorrow.

Can’t wait to dig in!

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