First day at daycare

Day 308 = January 4, 2011

In the last month or so, Ron has been visiting various daycare locations within San Francisco. Simon is growing up and we almost can’t keep up with how fast he is learning. We figured he needs to start interacting with other children his age and hopefully learn from them as well. Ron also needs a break so that he can get some work done during the day. So we found this great daycare that is relatively easy to get to, the caregivers speak English/Mandarin/Cantonese, they will work with you child to get them into good habits (like napping and eating balanced meals), and have children a bit older that Simon can interact with. My co-worker brings her kids to this daycare too and she raves about them. Ron dropped me off at work before taking Simon there then spent part of the day with Simon to make sure he would be okay in their care. Simon seemed to enjoy exploring the place as they have a very large play area with lots of things to see and touch. Here is Mr. Slouchy Pants checking himself out in the mirror while holding a pot.

Then later in the afternoon after Ron had left for a few hours then came back to check on him. He’s playing with foam blocks.

I think the thought of taking Simon to a daycare was harder on me than it was on Simon. He seemed his usual happy self when we picked him up after I got off work. We also upgraded his infant carseat to a convertible carseat. We’re going to move the position of the safety strap though since this is pretty inconvenient to put Simon in and take him out. Instead it can also be attached to the front passenger seat. Looks nice and comfortable, doesn’t it? He has so much more room compared to the infant car seat.

Drinking his milk, all by himself.

I visited the daycare last week and the caregivers seemed nice, the place was clean, and they have a pretty good schedule of activities for the children each week. They make healthy lunch, dinner, and snacks everyday and have set nap times for all the kids. Simon’s stubborn personality was very obvious to the caregivers today as they commented about it when Ron went to pick him up. Simon refused to eat from a spoon so ended up not eating very much. He is also not used to their timing for the morning nap and wanted to go to sleep much earlier then had to be carried in order to nap in the afternoon. He also did not drink very much milk during the day like he usually does. Overall though, for a first day, he seemed to do okay and did not have any meltdowns. He was probably just very distracted by all the other children and the toys.

Simon is growing up… *big SIGH*… now the time I get to spend with him is all the more precious.

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