Learning new things

Day 307 = January 3, 2011

I love Simon squinting, so funny! But he doesn’t mimic us anymore, he just does it when he feels like it.

And yes, Simon knows that the remote control turns on the TV. He’s trying to figure out what button turns on Sesame Street.

Simon surveying his breakfast. From our lunch yesterday, we brought home some leftover dim sum beef balls. Simon seems to really like them as he started to pick them up with his hands too.

This is Simon’s tired face.

Simon learned some new things today. For starters, he’s starting to learn to put his hand into the snack cup to take out his cereal and puffs.

But his pincer grip isn’t quite there yet so sometimes the snacks just end up sticking to his hand so that he can pull them out. He also doesn’t seem to like the snack cup closing onto his hand and wants to pull his hand out quickly as possible.

So daddy helps him out by pushing it open a little so Simon can get his little hand inside.

This picture is just random and makes me laugh for some reason.

Simon is more funny in this one, like he is lifting something really heavy! But they are plastic beads so quite light.

Simon also is learning how to toss a ball back and forth to daddy. I’m not sure if he really knows what he’s doing but seems like he’s having a good time.

He also does it with a bigger ball and his plastic cars. I remember the time when Simon did not know how to grip this big jingle ball. Now he seems to have no problem just grabbing and squeezing it in his hand.

Babies are sometimes easily entertained. Simon was interested in his plastic storage bin and started to chew on it, bang on it, put it over his head, and flip it all around.

Simon seemed to have a fun filled day. I guess I would too if I had all these toys to play with all day. Ron took this panoramic of Simon’s playroom. Kind of a neat effect.

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