First Ear Infection

Day 339 = February 4, 2011

Simon’s Outfit of the Day: Wearing Paul Frank while reading Paul Frank.

Morning nap time. We’ve been trying to prop Simon up on his pillow so that he can breathe easier.

So poor baby had a fever to 102 F (tympanic/ear temperature) while at daycare so I went to pick him up and got him an appointment to see the doctor. Thank you to my co-worker Zoe for giving me a ride to pick him up and then drop us off to this doctor’s appointment and thank you to the rest of my coworkers for covering for me while I went to take care of Simon. At the doctor, his temperature was 101.4 F so to make him comfortable, they gave him a dose of acetaminophen. After his exam, the doctor diagnosed him with an ear infection so prescribed some antibiotics (amoxicillin) for 10 days. Simon’s lungs were clear so at least not pneumonia. Poor little guy did not like having his ears looked at so protested quite a bit. It tired him out though so he sat very quietly while waiting for his prescription. I really like Kaiser for the ease in getting urgent care appointments for situations like these. We had to wait a while when we got there though, Simon even had a small nap while waiting but I understand it is cold and flu season still so there were lots of other sick kids there. Their pharmacy efficiency probably could do with some improvement though, we waited about 30 minutes for Simon’s prescription. I’m not sure how they prioritize their orders but there were a lot of people waiting and not many leaving. Maybe they were short staffed so I didn’t want to be one of those annoying impatient patients. I’m glad I could skip the counseling, one less thing to wait for.

After we got home though, Simon seemed pretty okay, except a little hungry. Apparently he did not eat at daycare and didn’t drink much milk or water. He ate a little bit of everything for dinner tonight: chicken, cheerios, veggies, grapes, etc… full mouth… *nom**nom*

He did a lot of standing tonight and tentative steps but we didn’t have a camera handy to take a video. Looks like he is slowly getting the hang of taking one or two steps before crouching or sitting down. He must of used up a lot of energy though since he went to bed early. Sleeping like a baby.

He got his antibiotics when we got home and another dose of acetaminophen before bedtime to help with the pain from the ear infection. Let’s hope Simon gets some good rest tonight.

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