First Solid Food

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Iris had her first taste of solid food this morning and evening. I just cooked up some rice last night then used the magic bullet to purée it with some water and breast milk. I’m not sure how much she swallowed but she was curious and swirled the rice around inside her mouth.

She was more interested in the spoon and gnawing on it.

She tried again in the evening for dinner. Again she didn’t take much in and got tired of sitting in the high chair.

I remember Simon not particularly liking rice as a baby but was more excited to move on to fruit, vegetables, and fish. I’m going to try one more day of rice then maybe add some vegetable purée this weekend when I have time to cook some up.

Simon has been a good eater the last few days. He’s been having second helpings of his breakfast cereal and finishing his portions of dinner.

Simon entertaining Iris.

Simon was my helper this evening to bathe Iris. He helped me to pump the soap into my hand and use a small cup to pour water over her head to wet her hair then wash out the shampoo. I think it’s a little hard for him sometimes when he has to “share” mommy but it seems to make him happy when I ask him to help out with Iris.

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