Fishy Face

Friday, November 15, 2013

Since we moved, I haven’t had time to make Simon nice and pretty bento lunches. Usually it’s just baked chicken nuggets, bakery hot dog buns, mini corn dogs, rice with dinner leftovers, etc plus his usual fruits and vegetables. Today I finally tried out the mini hot dog cutters I bought a while back which are supposed to look like little fish. You can barely tell though so maybe I’m using it wrong. He still loves these little smokies hot dogs though. Also for lunch is a grilled cheese sandwich, carrots, grapes, and Asian pear.

So Iris really doesn’t like rice. She cried this morning when I was feeding her and also cried when Annie tried to give her some. So tomorrow we will move on to something more flavorful.

Tonight we tried a Thai restaurant for dinner. No accidental peanut exposures for Simon. We have found out he really likes roasted or deep fried little birds like squab or quails. He thinks it is fun to eat. So at Plearn Thai restaurant, they have deep fried quail and Simon ate two out of the four pieces. Then he enjoyed the tamarind hard candy they give you with the check. It’s a bit sour but also sweet so he’s puckering up just for fun.


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